Tonstartssbandht (USA) | Announces Australian Tour

Psychedelic wig-outs, Tonstartssbandht will bring their prodigious musicianship to Australia this December and January!

Brothers Andy and Edwin White are notable musicians in their own right – Andy, for some, is better known as Mac DeMarco’s new guitarist, while Edwin for his solo project Eola. However together, the Floridian brothers are Tonstartssbandht (pronounced tahn-starts-bandit), producing self-proclaimed “psychedelic boogie rock”. 

Their sound inevitably grows in a live setting as the two brothers blaze through super tight long-form jams. Edwin’s driving percussion never drops a beat, while Andy creates luscious and expansive sounds on his 12-string Danelectro, melding perfectly with the duo’s angelic vocal harmonies. 

They navigate their souls and psyches onstage, embracing the sense of urgency, pain, and ecstasy in the human experience. Describing his performance process to Interview Magazine, Andy states: “I will sometimes just sit down and let some technical aspect of my set-up, like a certain effect or a sort of reaction I’m getting from the route of my signal… inspire something spontaneous.”

This approach has taken the band repeatedly throughout Russia, Europe and North America, and it will finally see them in Australia for the first time ever!

Along with their enormous pile of ambitious music, Tonstartssbandht recently featured on the dreamy soundtrack to James Franco’s Palo Alto with their track '5ft7', lining up next to Blood Orange, Robert Shwartzman and fellow bro, Mac DeMarco. Described as a “once-in-a-lifetime band the first time you see them. And, well, also the second, and third time, and so on” by Ad Hoc, Tonstartssbandht is a tour not to be missed! 

“The best way to experience Tonstartssbandht isn't by clicking around their various releases - it's to hear what the two brothers create in a live setting.” - Pitchfork 

“Their telepathic sibling jam instincts turned the packed room into a shaking jello mold of sweaty flesh” - Noisey 





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20-Dec, 2014 – Trainspotters – BRISBANE
26-Dec, 2014 – The Tote Hotel – MELBOURNE
27-Dec, 2014  – The Brisbane Hotel – HOBART
02-Jan, 2015 – Rad Bar – WOLLONGONG
03-Jan, 2015 – Red Rattler – SYDNEY