On Diamond (formerly Lisa Salvo)

Enigmatic vocalist and musician, Lisa Salvo has brought her band together to release their debut single “Long Road” under the new guise of On Diamond.

Generally it’s the songwriter that breaks away from their band to perform solo, however since moving swiftly into the live performance realm off the back of her debut album, I Could Have Been A Castle, Salvo and her band have been taking a new approach to writing and recording. Salvo explains, “the band has been developing the new material more on the stage than off, and definitely collectively, compared to I Could Have Been A Castle where Joe (Talia, co-producer) and I spent hours, each alone, in pre and post-production crafting a subtle, but very intentionally produced album.”

“We have been rehearsing the songs less and leaving room for new and unknown things to happen. I never know what lead guitar line is coming up, or what the drummer will do, and how everyone will respond to that. As a result, the response coming from me is more exciting and relevant.” It’s these experimental moments on stage, which each member brings individually that Salvo is driven to represent, “I want to give the project a life of its own that is separate from me, even though it is still very much coming from me.”

Following on from 2014’s celebrated debut album, I Could Have Been A Castle, comes this fascinatingly oblique and enigmatic new track, “Long Road.” If Salvo’s last album conjured images of calming, thick fog rolling over pine-dense mountaintops, then “Long Road” is an evening thunderstorm; an experimental collision of sharp and soft textures, imminent and invigorating at the same time.

“Long Road” was recorded completely live (minus vocals) in the Brunswick studio of drummer, Joe Talia. “We wanted to record at least the instruments live to capture the spontaneity that we've been enjoying in our live show.” On “Long Road” that spontaneity is palpable: simultaneously tactile and free, in which one of Australia’s new voices hits a brave new stride.

So it is with great pleasure we introduce you to On Diamond, featuring Joe Talia on drums, Scott McConnachie on guitar, Stewart Taylor on bass, Hannah Cameron guitar and backing vocals and fronted by the vocals of Lisa Salvo.

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                     HIGH RES ALBUM ARTWORK                       "I Could Have Been A Castle"                            CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

                     HIGH RES ALBUM ARTWORK
                      "I Could Have Been A Castle"
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